How To Set Up A Stripe Subscription Form In WordPress with Advanced Subscription Management Capabilities

This article outlines how to create subscription forms with three plugins: GravityForms, GravityForms Stripe Add-on, and GravityStripe. GravityStripe has advanced subscription capabilities found nowhere else in WordPress!

Setting up the plugins for a subscription form

  1. Purchase and install the Gravity Forms plugin
    **Important – you must purchase the Pro or Elite version of GravityForms – otherwise GravityStripe will not work with the Basic version**
  2. Install the free Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On
    To find this, go inside of the Gravity Forms plugin, navigate to add-ons, then search for the Stripe Add On tile (see below) and Activate it

3. Install GravityStripe on your website (you must have done #1 and #2 above to activate!)

  1. For free versions, install directly from WordPress
  2. For pro versions, purchase, download and install the plugin from here

Now it’s time to setup all of these things.

Create a new subscription form in Gravity Forms (you could even use a template to start)

Set up Stripe Add-on

In the Gravity Forms Plugin Settings, select Stripe Add-on Plugin.
Next, you must do the following REQUIRED steps:

  1. Connect to your stripe account
  2. Set up the Webhook (don’t just check the Webhook box in Gravity Forms – this has to be done in your Stripe account).

Set up GravityStripe

Open GravityStripe and configure all of your subscription management options

  • Some of the GravityStripe settings are within Gravity Forms
  • The rest of the settings are inside of the plugin itself
  • Once GravityStripe and the form have successfully been configured, you can manage subscriptions from the subscription tab
  • Admins can also allow users to self-manage subscriptions by using the shortcode on this page

** In order to utilize all of the subscriber actions GravityStripe offers, you must turn on the GravityStripe settings inside of Gravity Forms (shown below) **

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